Welcome Jill Lynn to Favorite Five Friday!

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For Favorite Five Friday (FFF), we have Jill Lynn Buteyn.

Lynette: Thanks so much for being here! It’s always fun to learn something new about some of my favorite authors and I know my readers enjoy it, too. So thanks for stopping by to answer these five questions and give away a book!

Readers, leave a comment about one of your favorite things and be entered to win a copy of this fabulous book!

Book cover:

Jill book cover

Lynette: LOVE the cover! Love Inspired always does such a fabulous job. Looks like a sweet story. What’s it about?

Back cover blurb:

Moving to a small Texas town, Lucy Grayson is looking to live life on her own terms. When she agrees to take a job in Doctor Graham Redmond’s office, the two instantly clash. The same can’t be said for the widower’s daughter. They quickly form a bond when Lucy begins teaching the little girl to dance. Graham soon realizes how good Lucy is for his daughter—and for him. Yet his late wife’s parents don’t agree. Their ultimatum to choose between them or Lucy fills Graham with despair. He can’t let his daughter lose her grandparents…but he also can’t lose the woman who could complete their family.

1. What’s your favorite television show? I would have to say it’s a tie between Parenthood and Friday Night Lights. I love the drama mixed with laughter.

2. What’s your favorite food?

Anything Italian—especially lasagna.


3. What’s your favorite place to write?


Jill's patio













I love to sit outside. We have a covered patio, and once the weather warms up, that’s where I like to be.

Lynette: That’s lovely! I’d be sitting out there, too!

4. What’s your favorite vacation spot?

Anything with a beach. Mexico, Italy, Florida, and California are the ones I’ve been to and love, but I’d be perfectly happy to check out a new location. I’d probably go to Hawaii or a tropical island next. Whenever I win a trip to that location. Ha!

Lynette: Haha! I with you on that one.

5. What’s another favorite you’d like us to know?

My favorite thing to read is Christian romance. I love losing myself in story. I think it’s the perfect escape at the end of a hard day!


Jill headshot















Jill Lynn Buteyn is a co-author of Just Show Up with Kara Tippetts, and an author of inspirational romance (as Jill Lynn). Her latest release, Her Texas Family, is in stores now. Jill lives near the beautiful Rocky Mountains with her husband and two children. She’s a fan of laughter, thrift stores, boots and chocolate. Connect with her on Facebook:


Twitter: https://twitter.com/JillLynnAuthor

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jilllynnauthor/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/JillLynnAuthor/

AND at http://jill-lynn.com/

Thanks for having me, Lynette! I enjoyed writing Lucy and Graham’s story so much, and I hope y’all enjoy reading it.

Lynette: I know we will! Now, readers, go ahead and tell us about your favorite place to vacation and be entered to win a copy of Jill’s latest.